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Tips for Packing and Shipping Breakable Holiday Gifts

packing and shipping services

The holidays are nearly here, and Flash Photo is ready to go with our packing and shipping services. No matter where in the country or the world you need to ship a gift, we can get it there. But it’s not just about getting your gifts to the right homes. It’s also about getting them there intact. The trick there, of course, is careful packing. If you’re shipping anything delicate or breakable this holiday season, you want to make sure you pack it properly so everything arrives safely and in one piece.


Here are some tips from the packing experts at FedEx to help you pack and ship all breakable holiday gifts.


Use the Right Size Box

A mistake many people make is choosing the wrong box. You want a box that is sturdy and will stay intact during shipping. You also want a box that is the right size for the items you are shipping. There needs to be room for not just the items but also the cushioning and packing material protecting them. For extra protection, the packing experts recommend double-boxing your items. Box up your fragile items and place them inside a large box that allows for about three inches of space to fill with packing material on each side.


Fill in All the Gaps

The reason items arrive broken is often because they shifted in transit. To ensure that your items stay in one piece, fill all the gaps in the box with packing material. You don’t want a fragile item to be so tightly packed that you risk breaking it when you remove it from the box, but you also don’t want it to move during shipping. If you are sending more than one item in the same box, wrap them individually. Items bumping into each other during shipping are more likely to break in the box.


Seal and Label It Correctly

You can’t forget about the outside of your package! Seal your package tightly so it doesn’t accidentally open during shipping. The most effective box-taping method is to make an H shape with the tape by taping down the middle and along each edge.


Expert Packing and Shipping Services at Flash Photo

At Flash Photo, we want you to feel confident that your items will arrive safely at their destinations. With our packing and shipping services, you can trust that your holiday gifts are secure and will get to their recipients in perfect condition.


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