packing and shipping services

Using Packing and Shipping Services vs. DIY

packing and shipping services

With so many self-service packing and shipping options, you might wonder why any store would bother to offer packing and shipping services. But if you have ever had to ship something large or fragile, you’re grateful these services are still available. At Flash Photo, we can help you pack and ship anything so that it arrives at its destination safely. While packing your items yourself and using self-service shipping might be good enough in some cases, it’s often a good idea to use our packing and shipping services.


Here’s why you should use packing and shipping services.



There are many things that you do yourself that you still pay someone else to do for you. Why? Because it’s convenient. And there’s nothing wrong with that! When you choose to use packing and shipping services, all you have to do is drop off your item and provide the address where it needs to go. We’ll take care of everything else. And we do mean everything. We’ll pack, label, and arrange pickup with the right delivery service.


Expert and Professional

If you have to ship fragile or specialty items, it’s helpful to have someone with expertise pack them for you. Our staff has many types of packing materials to keep your items secure in transit. We can even construct custom boxes for large or unusually-shaped items. Using these services also ensures that your package will look professional. Many people ship items for their business or side hustle, it makes a better impression on your customers when your packages look professional.


Safe and Cost-Effective

It might seem more cost-effective to do everything yourself, but shipping services can actually save you money. The stores that offer these services have access to many shipping methods and know what the least expensive options are. They also know the precise amount of postage and shipping charges will be so you don’t have to worry about overpaying. They also offer insurance options. Some insurance coverage may even be included in the basic shipping charge, depending on the circumstances. Having insurance on your package gives you peace of mind that the cost of your item will be covered if it is damaged or lost.


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