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Welcome to the Flash Photo Blog!

Hello there! Welcome to Flash Photo in New London, NH, and to our blog! This is where we’ll post all our latest news, tips to help you with your projects, and updates on our business and industry. And there’s a lot happening at Flash Photo. From photos to custom printing to graphic design, our team covers the basics of what you’d expect from a photo and print shop, plus a lot more.

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Print Photos and So Much More

While you absolutely can make copies here, that’s not all you can do! We can’t wait to share our passion for photography and design with you. We are always happy to connect with our community through our photography services. And those services go way beyond printing photos. We do our part to support experienced and aspiring photographers with equipment sales and consignment. Need prints after completing a photoshoot? We can develop and print your photos in multiple formats, sizes, and finishes.


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Design Your Brand with Flash Photo

Beyond our photography services, Flash Photo is also pleased to be able to offer our customers assistance with graphic design. If you are starting a business or looking to promote a cause or event, there’s really nothing that can beat a good, eye-catching design. Grab people’s attention with posters, brochures, banners, business cards, and more. And we can custom print pretty much anything. Want mugs for your team or pens to hand out to your customers? If you can think of it, we can probably print an image on it. Come visit us to see everything we can do for you!


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Our blog isn’t the only place where you can see what we’re up to at Flash Photo NH! Over on our Facebook page, we have tips and tricks, design ideas and inspiration, reviews from our customers, and so much more! Get unique gift ideas, find new ways to improve your business image, or just figure out what to do with all those photos you have on your phone!


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