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3 Tips for Choosing Packing and Shipping Services

When you arrive at a store to ship any item, you might be surprised—or even overwhelmed—by all the options available for packing and shipping services. It’s understandable if you don’t know which option to choose for your package. Our team at Flash Photo is here to help you sort through your options and choose the best packing and shipping services based on your needs.


Here are three tips to help you choose the best packing and shipping services to get your items to their destinations.


Compare Prices and Shipping Times

When you see the list of shipping options for your package, your first inclination is often to select the least expensive option. However, before you agree to a shipping option, you should consider what the higher-priced choices offer. If you are sending a gift that needs to arrive by a certain date, a slight price increase can guarantee you a faster shipping time.


Consider Tracking and Insurance Options

Shipping options at higher price points can offer more than expedited shipping. Additionally, you can access tracking information and select insurance options. If you are shipping something valuable, these services give you both peace of mind and a financial safety net. Tracking information doesn’t just let you know when your package arrives at its destination. It also allows you to check where it is along the way. In the unlikely event that your package is damaged in transit, insurance lets you recoup some of that loss.


Evaluate Packing Materials

So far, we’ve focused on shipping options, but what about packing? If you pack your item yourself, all you have to choose is your shipping options. However, having a professional pack your items can sometimes be preferable. For fragile or expensive items, packing and shipping stores have the right packing materials to protect whatever you need to ship. There are also custom packing options for large or awkwardly shaped items to ensure they stay intact while in transit. Look at all the packing options and materials available and select what will best protect your items and fit your budget.


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Our team at Flash Photo is here to help you pack and ship your items. No matter what you need to ship or where it needs to go, we can provide you with the best packing and shipping options.


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