shredding services near me

Are You in These Industries? You Need Shredding Services.

shredding services near me

Shredding services are essential to many businesses to keep their data secure and ensure that all paper records are properly destroyed. We’ve walked you through the shredding process and covered the main reasons why this service is important. However, you might be surprised at just how many businesses and industries benefit from shredding services.


Here are a few examples of industries that rely on shredding services for secure data destruction.


Legal Firms and Corporate Offices

Contracts, financial reports, and personal details are all sensitive information that you can’t dispose of just anywhere. Law firms deal with all kinds of confidential information that should never be seen by anyone other than the attorneys and their clients. Similarly, corporations of all sizes have copies of contracts and agreements that you can’t just toss in the recycling bin.


Human Resources

Human resource departments are responsible for the personal information of a company’s employees and also need to be treated with care. HR handles everything from salary information to performance evaluations that need to stay private. When getting rid of hard copies of those records, professional shredding services are the only way to ensure they don’t end up in the wrong place.


Real Estate Agencies

When buying or selling a property, your real estate agent handles a lot of your sensitive data. Property and financial records contain many details that can be used to commit fraud or identity theft. Keeping that information secure protects real estate agencies’ current and future clients.


Insurance Companies

Insurance agents handle policyholder information and the information of other individuals involved in insurance claims. The information of past and current policyholders includes data about their property, vehicles, beneficiaries, and more. Secure destruction of all those records protects the policyholders and anyone connected to them through their insurance information.


Nonprofit Organizations

Any organization that handles donations is privy to a great deal of financial information. Nonprofits have access to donors’ credit card information and bank account numbers, as well as their personal information. That data could become a goldmine for the wrong person if the nonprofit fails to properly destroy its paper records.


shredding services near me

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