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How Shredding Services Keep Your Documents Secure

shredding services near me

All businesses handle sensitive documents, even if their particular industry doesn’t specifically deal with confidential information. For example, all employee files will list their full names, addresses, social security numbers, and other private data. If you ever have to dispose of those records, you don’t want bad actors to gain access to those documents. The most secure way to dispose of sensitive documents is to use professional shredding services.


How does using professional shredding services keep your documents secure? Read on to find out.


Chain of Custody

The chain of custody is the record of who handles the documents. When you drop off documents for shredding, only certain people are allowed to handle them. Our store employee takes them from you, and then they are held securely until the shredding company comes to retrieve them. For added security, the shredding company comes at random intervals, so no one can predict and intercept the vehicle. From there, the driver brings the documents to the shredding facility, where they are destroyed.


Secure Containers, Transportation, and Facilities

We said we hold your documents securely until they are picked up, but what does that mean? The professional shredding company we contract with provides secure containers that we can put documents into, but only the shredding company can open. The shredding company also ensures that transportation is secure by using GPS tracking and installing lockable compartments in the vehicle. Finally, when the documents arrive at the shredding company, that facility is secure, too. They have surveillance cameras, restricted access, and other security features to ensure no unauthorized personnel gain access to your confidential documents.


Employee Background Checks

Even with all these security features in place, you still want to know the people handling your documents are trustworthy. Professional shredding companies perform thorough background checks on all their employees to ensure they can be relied on to handle sensitive information responsibly. Shredding companies also train their employees to comply with necessary regulations, such as HIPAA for medical information and GLBA for financial information.


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